Helena Goldie Hospital has been facing a large financial shortfall every year since April tsunami in 2007, compounded by the global financial recession in 2008 when a significant number of our donor partners slashed the amount of their donation to the tune of 500,000 Solomon Dollars (about 67,000AUD). The hospital has no way of filling up this deficit on its own, and as a result the quality of health services delivered to the 26,000 rural population within its catchment area has been significantly compromised during the past few years. Therefore, in order to rectify this situation, Helena Goldie Hospital has launched "Sponsor-a-bed" programme .


Now, a private hospital bed in Australia or New Zealand may cost $1,000 a day. That same amount will fund a bed for a full year (365 days) at Helena Goldie Hospital. We offer 50 beds for sponsorship, $1,000 for each bed for a year. By raising $50,000 (AUD)  through this scheme, Helena Goldie will be able to fill its long standing financial gap and will be solvent in the coming years with competent and transparent financial governance and management.


Therefore, we invite kind-hearted individuals, service clubs, schools, churches and other organizations to join our "Sponsor-a-Bed" programme.  Every donation will be acknowledged and a feedback on the management of your money will be given to you.



Please donate through bank transfer to the following bank details:



Name of Bank:  Bank South Pacific (Solomon Islands)

Account Name: Helena Goldie Hospital

Account Number:  000000 282

Swift Code : NBSI SBSB