Public Health Programs:

HGH runs all the public health programs of the Ministry of Health within its catchment area (Zone 3).  These programs are being implemented through the hospital and its satellite clinics within Zone 3. Each program has a Program Officer responsible for it. The programs and their officers are as follows:


  1. Reproductive Health & Family Planning:  Mrs Joyce Gumi/ Mrs Violet Pratt
  2. STI & HIV/AIDS:  Mrs Joyce Gumi
  3. Primary Eye Care: Mrs Heather Pana
  4. TB/Leprosy: Mr Medson Taro
  5. EPI/Immunization & Child Health: Mrs Joyce Ivulu
  6. Non-Communicable Diseases: Mrs Heather Pana
  7. Community-Based Rehabilitation: Mr Wilton Hokoto
  8. Health Promotion : Mr Timothy Jamity
  9. Environmental Health & Rural Water Supply and Sanitation: Mr.John Sele
  10. Malaria (Vector-Borne Disease Control Program): Mr.Harrington Henry