16th November 2013


Community Fundraising effort for HGH, traditionall called Hospital Grand Bazaar, a 3-day fundraising  activity was organized from the 13th to 15th of this month. Even though many communities did not participate due to communication problem, there were a very good crowd and active participation on all the three days.  At the end of three days, more than 134,000 Solomon dollars was collected! Money received from various sources were as follows:

  • DONATIONS: (Individuals, business houses, churches, communities): $ 77,734.60
  • Songs & Music Request:   $ 6,461.10
  • Community Stalls:   $ 9,802.60
  • SALES (Second hand clothes, BBQ, Food & drinks, raffles): $ 40,001.70

TOTAL: $ 134,000.00

We sincerely thank all the individuals, groups, communities and churches who contributed so much in making this bazaar such a success.



10th November 2013

INTERNET Reconnected!!

After having no internet connection for the whole year (Insat V Satellite has been disconnected in January 2013), finally HGH has subscribed broadband (ADSL) connection from Solomon Telekom last week. That explains why this website has not been updated for a very long time! We hope to be more regular from now on.



10th November 2013

Children's Ward Extension Work Begins

With Funding through Solomon Telekom (Our Telekom), renovation and extension of Children's Ward has started last week.  There is a new block built for the toilet and shower area, and Nursing Station is being relocated to a more central location. Work is progressing well. Barikana Builders are doing the work. If all goes well the work is expected to finish before the end of the year.

Rev Prince Devanandan
Rev Prince Devanandan

11th June 2012

Chaplain's House Opened

Building of the Chaplain's House, funded by the Methodist Church NZ, was completed last month.  On the 12th of May 2012,  Rev Prince D , Secretary of Methodist Mission & Ecumenical, NZ officially opened the house. The programme  was attended by the Moderator of the United Church and other Assembly Officers of the church; Medical Superintendent, Hospital Secretary, Director of Nursing and many other senior staff from the hospital and the College of Nursing.  A light refreshment was served after the function.


8th March 2012

Community Tour Resumes

HGH Community Outreach Tour Program resumed since 5th March 2012. The first tour has been completed which covered North New Georgia.   Next week the tour will be for Vona Vona Lagoon area.  Second half of the month will see Rendova Islands and Roviana Lagoon areas covered.


The touring program will continue monthly till November. This program is funded by Uniting Church Australia.

7th March 2012

Eye Clinic Building to be started soon

Eye Clinic in HGH will be built soon according to Dr. Mundi, Eye Specialist and Mr. Bill Townend from Australia who visited HGH last week. This building project is being funded by Dr. Brad Townend & family through Fred Hollows Foundation, New Zealand.  The building is to be completed within 6 months, and opened in October 2012. 

26th December 2011

Christmas celebrated with patients

A Christmas celebration program was organized for patients of HGH on the 25th December 2011. It started with Free breakfast and a short devotion time, followed later by special lunch, and winded up with movies in the evening. The whole hospital was beautifully decorated with coloured ribbons, balloons, flowers, ornamental plants and lights! Patients thoroughly enjoyed the program including evening movies where the films, "WWJD" (What Would Jesus Do) and Soul Surfer were screened.

22nd December 2011

New Moderator for United Church

Rev. Wilfred Kurepitu was inducted to be the new Moderator of United Church in Solomon Islands on the 13th of December 2011, replacing Rev. David Barakana Havea.

Rev. Havea will be on semi-retirement at his request, and has moved to his home town of Patutiva in Marovo.


21st December 2011

HGH Newsletter

HGH has resumed producing  Newsletters. Anyone wants to receive a copy, please send email to  or


2nd December 2011

World AIDS Day observed

World AIDS Day 2011 was observed yesterday with a public function organized at Lambete Market area. There was a good participation from the local community. The program was marked with speeches, singing, drama and display of posters. People were at full attention when the representative from the Ministry of Health, who herself is HIV positive person, gave a speech and told her story.  It was followed by a lively time of questions and answers.


The theme of this year's World AIDS Day is "Getting to Zero" (Zero Stigma & Discrimination, Zero Infection and Zero AIDS related deaths).


2 PLHIV with Counselor
2 PLHIV with Counselor


1st December 2011

HIV Programme meets with community leaders

A fruitful and historical meeting over dinner with church and community leaders around Munda was organized by the HIV/STI Programme Division of HGH on the evening of 30th November 2011 as part of World AIDS Day 2011 programme. The theme for this year,  "Zero Stigma & Discrimination, Zero New Infections, Zero AIDS Related Deaths" was declared and discussed, with special emphasis on Zero Stigma and Discrimination. The highlight of the meeting was a talk by the Ministry of Health representative, who herself was infected with HIV 9 years ago, and the disclosure of her HIV status by one young woman from Munda, the first ever of such disclosure among this community. It was even more heart-warming and touching to see the open-hearted acceptance and support expressed and shown by the church ministers and community leaders to newly disclosed PLHIV (People Living with HIV) from their own community.  


Solomon Islands has about 15 HIV/AIDS cases on record at the moment.




30th November 2011

Donation (Container) gratefully received!

A container full of medical and other donated materials donated  by  Rev. John & Ann Connan  and friends from Uniting Church Australia  was finally taken out of the Ports Storage in Noro in September after a very prolonged process of Customs /shipping etc. clearance .  On opening the contrainer, the staff of HGH were overjoyed to see such huge amonut of donated goods and medical equipments. The container itself was paid by the donors for HGH.  We are so grateful to you Rev John and Ann and all  your friends for the love and support you have given to HGH. 



29th November 2011

Japanese Group Donates Wheelchair

A group of Japanese whose relatives died in the Solomons during the II World War paid their visit to HGH and donated a brand new wheelchair to the hospital. They are here in the Solomons to visit the II WW battle sites and perhaps try to recover the remains of their loved ones.  The leader of the group expressed his hope that Solomons will experience only peace not wars such as during the II WW.   We really appreciate their visit and the gift given to us.

Mr Lindsay with Health Secretary Ms Myrie Tema
Mr Lindsay with Health Secretary Ms Myrie Tema



28th November 2011

A Timely Help from ABV

Australian Business Volunteer Mr. Lindsay Cheers joined us from the beginning of November for a month's engagement as a Volunteer for HGH as a Health Management Adviser, primarily to help HGH find a way to adopt a viable and effective financial management system as the hospital is currently facing a susbtantial financial shortfall since the past few years, particularly as a result of 2007 tsunami and 2008 global financial recession.


Mr. Lindsay have been doing a tremendous job, coming up with plenty of new and innovative ideas which the HGH Board of Management should be following through within the next couple of years. We are particularly grateful to him for strengthening our Accounts section by teaching our staff new skills and improved confidence in their financial management.  We are deeply grateful to Mr Lindsay Cheers and the ABV. Mr Lindsay will be going back to Australia within a couple of days. 



24th October 2011

James Pada passed away

James Pada, Principal Nursing Officer (Retd) passed away on the 30th September 2011 after months of ill health.  James was one of the longest serving staff of HGH, well known and well loved by many, especially the nurses of HGH.  James had a heart valve replacement years ago which gave him a bit of problems lately. He was treated at National Referral Hospital in Honiara for months.  He came home to Munda in early September and stayed home till he passed away on the 30th of September.  The staff of HGH and the communities of Munda lost a great leader and friend with the passing away of James Pada.  



15th September 2011

National Health Conference & Joint Performance Review

National Health Conference was held in Honiara at Mendana Hotel from 5th to 7th of September, followed by Joint Performance Review on 8th September with donor partners such as AusAID, Global Fund, UN Agencies, etc.  There was also joint meeting of National Vector Borne Disease Control Program managers and Provincial Health Directors on 9th of September. Dr Dina, Medical Supdt of HGH was able to attend all the meetings.



13th September 2011

Drs. Graham & Jenny Longbottom transferred to Sasamunga

Dr Graham and Dr Jenny Longbottom have recently been transferred to Sasamunga Hospital in Choiseul province. Sasamunga Hospital is one of the 4 health facilities owned by United Church. The decision to transfer the Longbottoms were made  by the Assembly Office in view of the long-standing request of the people of Sasamunga who had been without a doctor for many years. The Longbottoms will continue working at Sasamunga Hospital to the end of their term in Mach 2012. 

12th September 2012

Medical Council Meeting held at Sasamunga

Medical Council Meeting of the United Church was held on the 25th of August 2011 at Women's Centre in Sasamunga. The meeting was well represented by all the church health facilities except Vonunu AHC whose representative did not turn up.  Director of Choiseul Provincial Health Services Dr Lazarus Neko also did not come for the meeting due to other engagements.  The meeting made a number of resolutions which were to be taken up at the Assembly Meeting in October.

17th August 2011

News Update:

Recent events:

  • HGH Community Fund Raising Week: -held during 2nd week of July with good participation from the surrounding communities. A total of 52,000 SBD was collected, which will be used for buying water tanks for the hospital and also for repair of Maternity Ward.
  • Australian Rotary: From Queensland - built Dormitory for the College of Nursing students, and also donated some equipments to HGH, including poratble ultrasound machine. They also donated a laptop computer, digital projector and a portable screen. Burnside Rotary from Adelaide repaired and improved the water supply system to the hospital.
  • New Lab Equipment:Reflon Plus, a blood biochemistry analyser was donated to HGH by Trimarine group through NFD in Noro. We are immensely grateful to them!


Future Events:

  • HGH Medical Board Meeting: 18th August 2011
  • United Church Medical Council Meeting: 22 - 26 August 2011 at Sasamunga, Choiseul. From HGH, the medical superintendent, hospital secretary and director of nursing will be attending this meeting.
  • National Health Conference: 5th -9th September 2011, in Honiara. Medical Superintendent and DON will be representing HGH at this conference. 


25th April 2011

Easter Monday Walkathon for HGH

As was done last year, Kokeqolo congregation of the United Church  again organised a morning Walkathon on this year's Easter Monday to fund-raise for Helena Goldie Hospital.  About 130 people turned up for the special event. The youngest participant was 1 year old, the eldest over 80!  A total of $785.80 (SBD) was raised on this occasion.  The collection on Sunday's Easter morning service was also given to HGH.  The total amount received from Kokeqolo congregation was therefore $1,016.20  HGH really appreciates the continuing support from the pastor and members of Kokeqolo congregation. 

20th April 2011

James Pada retires on medical ground

One of the most senior employee and an well-known figure among the HGH community, Mr. James Pada,  Principal Nursing Officer of HGH has retired after about 36 years of service.  For quite some time James has been feeling unwell, particularly relating to his heart problem. He had a heart valve replacement surgery many years ago.  This time he was admitted to National Referral Hospital(NRH) in Honiara for a few weeks, but now he has been discharged from hospital and is currently on home treatment, but is required to have regular check ups at NRH.


19th April 2011

Visitors from Uniting Church Australia


HGH had the pleasure of receiving the top leadership of Uniting Church Australia (UCA), including Rev. Alistair Macrae, President, Dr. Kerry Enright, National Director of Uniting World and Mr. Bruce Mullan, Associate Director for Church Solidarity (Pacific) when they visited HGH this past Sunday, the 17th of April 2011.  An informal lunch was prepared for them at the Medical Superintendent's house. Rev. Alistair later visited hospital wards and the College of Nursing.


HGH is very proud to be in partnership with Uniting Church Australia for delivering health services to the people of Solomon Islands, especially to those in the Western Province. Besides helping us in so many other ways, UCA has built Robina House (Rest House for Medical Students), and is currently funding the touring programme of HGH.



8th March 2011

New Health Secretary

The United Church Assembly has appointed Mrs. Maeri Tema as the New Health Secretary at the Assembly Office. She has taken over her office from the previous Health Secretary, Mr. John Sisiolo.

28th Feb. 2011

Rotarians did it again!

Australian Rotarians once again have done a very great work for Helena Goldie Hospital right at the beginning of this new year 2011. Under the leadership of Mr Terry Daley, tremendous repair and renovation works have been done to HGH and HG College of Nursing. (Detalied reports with pictures will follow soon!) 

20th August 2010

Med. Superintendent received PG Certificate in Field Epidemiology

Dr Dina Sailo, Medical Superintendent of HGH received a PG Certificate in Field Epidemiology, along with 15 other health professionals from different provinces in the country.  The Course was organized jointly by Fiji School of Medicine, SPC and Solomon Islands Ministry of Health during 2008 and 2009.  Graduation function was organized at National Referral Hospital auditorium on 18th August 2010.

15th August 2010

National TB Workshop

National TB Workshop was held at CYP Centre in Panatina, Honiara from 11th to 14th of August.  The main topic discussed was Management of Multi-Drug Resistant TB(MDR-TB), and TB-HIV Co-infection. Fortunately, there has been no report of MDR-TB in the Solomons till now.  The Medical Superintendent, Lab. Officer and TB Co-ordinator from HGH attended the workshop.

28th June 2010  

Eye Specialist Team Visits HGH

An eye team from National Referral Hospital in Honiara, under the leadership of Dr Mundi Galo is now here in HGH for a week's program.  More than 70 eye patients are already booked for various surgeries, majority being catarct cases.  The Eye Team's visit to HGH has been an annual event since the past few years, and this program is  highly valued and appreciated by the communities around Munda.  We hope it will continue to be a regular yearly event in HGH for years to come. The current program will end on Friday, the 2nd of July 2010.

4th June 2010

HGH awarded Baby Friendly Hospital status!!

A team of external assessment officials from WHO/UNICEF, University of South Pacific and the Ministry of Health visited HGH and made careful assessment of the hospital for the award of 'Baby Friendly Hospital' status. Applying various methods of assessment, and a    number of  personal interviews with staff and patients, HGH was declared qualified to be a 'Baby Friendly Hospital', scoring 97% marks!!  The staff of HGH  were really happy and excited!  This  assessment will be repeated every 3 years to ensure that a high standard of care for mothers and babies are maintained in HGH.

12th May 2010

International Nurses' Day celebrated with joy!

International Nurses Day, which coincides with  Florence Nightingale's birthday, was celebrated with joy by the nurses of HGH. They were joined by nurses from Gizo Hospital and all the clinics within Zone 3. There was a colourful procession from the hospital to Kokeqolo Centenary Church where a function was held. It was followed by a delicious lunch at Davinia Taylor Memorial Hall.  It was proposed that Gizo Hospital will host next year's Nurses' Day celebration.  (More photos at Picture Gallery)

21st April 2010

Australian Rotarians helped HGH

A group of Australian Rotarians from Rockhamton, under the leadership of Mr. Terry Daley, just completed their work of painting the floor of HGH, and also repairing and replacing old ceiling fans in the hospital.  A couple of nurses among the group were helping around in the wards.


They also have brought a lot of donated materials including books and book shelves for HGCON library, crutches, TV screens, computers, nurses' uniforms and many more.

HGH and the College of Nursing are very very grateful.  Thank you all, Rotarians for all your donations and a job well done!

16th April 2010


Finally, Helena Goldie College of Nursing was officially declared  launched today by Hon. Clay Forau, Minister of Health in the Solomon Islands Government. The launching program started with service at Kokeqolo Church at 10 AM.  Most of our invited guests were able to come and attend the function.  Among them were Hon. Mr Clay Forau, Minister of Health from SIG,  Dr. Lester Ross, Permanent Secretary, MHMS;  Mr. Michael Larui, National Director of Nursing; Hon. Solingi Lilo, Premier, Western Province; Hon. Sutcliff George, Minister of Health, Western Province; Dr. Michael Buin, Director of Health Services, Western Province; Mr. Charles Sigoto, DON, WP; Solomon Islands Nursing Council representatives, members from Uniting Church Australia and members of Australian   Rotarians and many others.


After the church service, the program continued at the College compound. The highlight of the program wes Health Exhibition organized by various departments in the hospital. There were big crowds in all the exhibition stalls and people from the surrounding communities were really interested in the exhibition.  A big feast was organized in the afternoon with all the invited guests and others sitting on the dining platform constructed in the form of a 'Tomoko'.  Cultural dances and other entertainment items followed, and the program was closed at around 4 PM. 

(More pics in Picture Gallery page) 


13th April 2010


Robina House  was officially opened today.   The honour of cutting of the ribbon was given to Rev. Stuart Cameron, the lead Minister of Newlife Robina Congregation in Gold Coast, Australia. Dedication service was conducted by Rev. Sanga Molia of United Church in Solomon Islands.  Invited guests from the communities, staff of HGH, guests from Uniting Church Australia including Moderator of Queensland Synod, Rev. Bruce Johnson and  Marama Heather Johnson, Rev Stuart Cameron, Rev. David Fender from Emmanuel Enogerra UC, Ms Annette Kaspar, Audiologist from Wesley Hospital, Rev. Robyn Kidd with her group of 2 nurses and a pharmacist,  Bruce Mullan, Bryan Cussen,  and  many others were in attendance. Rev.  Constance Selu, the Hospital Chaplain chaired the program.  Refreshment was served at the end of the function.


Rev. Robyn Kidd and her group had become the first ever to stay at the Robina House!

5th April 2010

Walkathon: Funraising for HGH

Munda's Kokeqolo Congregation of the United Church organized a  fundraising Walkathon this morning, starting from Assembly Office Bus Stand, going along Lambete Road, then across the Airstrip and behind Kekehe, catching Noro Road junction and then back to  the starting point.  It was a very enjoyable walk with 124 members of the congregation  turning out for the walk.  


The total amount raised was 2897 dollars and 10 cents.



5th April 2010

Easter Celebrated with joy!

Easter was celebrated with joy in Munda.  With daily devotion programs starting from the beginning of the Holy Week, all the churches in Munda were busy with lots of activities throughout the week.  United Church in Kokeqolo started with Palm Sunday dramas and singing by Sunday School children. The Good Friday Drama was well performed by the Youth group.  Easter Sunday started with Dawn Service conducted by UCWF (United Church Women's Fellowship).  Holy Communion was prepared at 10 AM service. There was Bible study session in the afternoon, and the day finished with another worship service at 7:30PM.   

19th March 2010

Grants from MOH delayed:

 Monthly financial grants from Ministry of Health has been delayed for HGH. Grants for January and February have already been  given to all the provincial health services, but grants for HGH was somehow overlooked(?) and not processed at the Ministry of Finance(MOF). After repeated phone calls over a number of days, we came to know that the problem was at the Ministry of Finance .  MOF promised to deposit the amount yesterday afternoon, but phone call made this morning to the MOF revealed that they have not done so.  We hope they will do it soon.  As a result of this delay, HGH staff pay for this forthnight could not be prepared until  MOH grants arrived.

18th March 2010

HGH Planning Committee looks at Strategic Plan:

The draft copy of HGH Strtegic Plan 2010-2015, developed by Australian Business Volunteer Mr. John Rae was reviewed by the HGH Planning Committee. Few changes were suggested, and priority issues for 2010 were identified. One outstanding priority was of course finance issue.  Detailed action plan will be discussed at future HGH Management meetings.

16th March 2010

HGH meets with Rev John Robert & Ms Lana

Rev. John Robert and Ms Lana from Methodist Church NZ(MCNZ) visited HGH today and met with Senior Staff members of HGH.  A number of issues were raised regarding the relationship of HGH with MCNZ  since 1927.  It was very heartening to hear that the Methodist Church NZ had been placing a complete trust and confidence on HGH Management, esp. the Accounts section on matters of funds released from NZ.  MCNZ had been very faithful in supporting HGH in so many ways through all these years.  Curently Methodist Church NZ is funding salaries for Director of Nursing (DON) and relief nurses in HGH.


In the afternoon the two MCNZ bosses visited the HG College of Nursing. 



15th March 2010

HGCON Launching:

The official opening of Helena Goldie College of Nursing is scheduled for the 16th of April 2010. Fund-raising activities are going on to ensure the occasion a big success. Special Invitees from the National and Provincial Governments are expected to come for this occasion.  There will be an island feast in the evening.

13th March 2010: 


Youth & Sunday School Centre of the United Church was opened today in Kokeqolo. The Centre was built with funding from Methodist Church, New Zealand.  Rev. John Robert, and Ms Lana from Methodist Church, NZ cut the ribbon together and declared the centre open.


A formal function followed inside the hall. Prayers and  speeches from leaders  of UCSI Assembly and NZ Methodist Church, and special items from the youth and children were the highlights of the function.  A feast was organized in the evening.