Elective Program:

Helena Goldie Hospital(HGH) accepts elective medical students all over the world.  Bookings are done through our Elective Coordinator, Mrs Laeheng Sasabule.   For those students who are interested to come  to HGH, please contact her at :  hgoldieh@solomon.com.sb 

Also please see Contact  page.


Location of  & how to reach HGH:  HGH is located in Munda, the tourist town of Western Province in the Solomon Islands.  The hospital is just a few minutes drive from the Airport. 


Honiara, the capital of Solomon Islands is connected with a number of International Air routes, particularly via Brisbane in Australia and Nadi in Fiji.  Once you arrive in Honiara, there are daily domestic flights to Munda by Solomon Airlines. It takes 1 hour and 20 minutes  by Twin Otter, and just over 45 minutes by Dash 8 plane. If you inform us in advance your time of arrival in Munda, the hospital can arrange to pick you up from Munda airport.


Accommodation:  HGH has a new building within the hospital compound, built specifically for accommodating elective students. The house is named  Robina House.  It is well furnished, having good water and electricity connection. All kitchen utensils are provided.  Robina House is now available for booking. It is recommended that all elective students stay in Robina House.


There are 5 single beds.The accommodation fee is 120 SBD per night.


Elective Fee:  Elective Placement Fee  is 500 SBD  per student per  week. Students staying at Robina House will be EXEMPTED from paying the elective fee.


What to bring:  Solomon Islands is a tropical country with the average temperature around 30 - 35 degrees C, with plenty of rainfall.  As the country is just 5 degrees south of  equator, the heat from the sun is quite strong.  Also remember to take prophylaxis for  Malaria.


Therefore, these are some of the things you may need to bring with you:

  • Mosquito net/bed net
  • Sun block lotion
  • Tee shirts and shorts
  • Sandals/slippers
  • Torchlight  
  • Swim gear - you will love the sea here!
  • Baseball cap or hat
  • Drugs for Malaria prophylaxis (Many students use Doxycycline)
  • ART prophylaxis - if you like(Solomons is currently a low-risk country)
  • Others - as you like.


Normally, HGH book only 2 or 3 students at a time. On some occasion we do book 4 students, but that is the exception.


What is expected of students:  Apart from helping in clinical works in the wards and out-patient or in the operating theatre, students also take part in Community Touring Programs to the satellite clinics within Zone 3 of Western province.  Sometimes you may be given an opportunity to teach the nurses or nursing students of HG College of Nursing.


Another very important aspect of being an elective student in HGH is learning the culture of the local people.  Therefore, you will be encouraged to join Morning Devotions in the Wards and the Chapel, and taking part in social activities as much as you can.  Most people understand English, but if you learn to speak a bit of Pijin  (See Learn Pijin page ) they will appreciate it. (Read more about the culture in The Land and its People).


Foreign Exchange:  1 British Pound  is approximately equivalent to 10 Solomon Dollars(SBD).  There are 3 main commercial banks in Solomon Islands, namely Bank South Pacific, Westpac and ANZ Bank.  Foreign exchange facilities are available in Honiara, Munda and other Provincial towns as well.


Internet & email:   Internet available at Admin Office of the hospital, and also at Telekom Office at Lambete which is just 10 to 15 mins walk.


Any questions?   Feel free to send any queries to the Elective Coordinator through the above email.