In the 1950s and 60s, HGH was running a Nursing school for a number of years with the help of tutors from overseas, mainly from New Zealand and Australia.  The last batch of students of that school graduated in 1969, and the school was closed thereafter due to shortage of finance as well as totors.  Then in 1971, a school for training Nurse Aides was established in HGH which trained candidates from all over Solomon Islands.  HGH-NATS has created a reputation within the Solomons as one of the best Nurse-Aide training schools, producing many competent and highly motivated Nurse Aides for the past over 30 years. These Nurse Aides are currently the main frontline workers in the health care delivery system within the Ministry of Health in the Solomon Islands.


Since the past few years, the Management Committee  as well as the Medical Board

of HGH have felt the need for training more Diploma level Nurses and cutting down the number of Nurse Aides. Therefore, in 2006, a vision was born in the Medical Board meeting to upgrade the HGH-NATS to a College of Nursing by 2010. That was the birth of what was then called "Vision 2010".  With the hard work and determination of all the staff of the school, as well as those in the hospital, and with the blessings of Solomon Islands' Nursing Council and the Ministry of Health, Helena Goldie College of Nursing (HGCON) was born, and the Vision 2010 has become a reality by the beginning  of 2010!  Classes for the new Diploma Course has already started on 8th of February with 16 new students!  The official launching of the college was organized on the 16th April, 2010. The Health Minister, Hon Clay Forau was the Guest of Honour, and he declared the college officially launched.  Later he planted a tree near Davinia Taylor Hall for rememberance of the occasion.    Health Exhibition,  Cultural programs and a grand feast were the highlights of the day. (More details in News section)




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New Developments in 2011:

New batch of 22 students have joined their classes since February. Two new tutors, namely Mr. Isaiah Tukuvaka and Mrs Moya Diko have also joined the teaching faculty.  Australian Rotarians are preparing to build new Dormitories and Ablution Blocks for the students and the work is likely to start by the month of May or June this year.


Broadband Internet connection has been established recently for the College which has greatly eased communication, particularly with overseas partners.  The future plan is to build Computer room where students would have access to computers  and the Internet facilities.

Update:  25th October 2011

Rotarians building HGCON dormitories


  Rotarians from Queensland are building dormitories for students of HGCON. Of the 8 dormitories planned, one is nearing completion. Rotarian Mr. Mick Willis is here at the moment to organize work to complete the first dormitory. The next priority will be ablution blocks for which work should hopefully start within the next few months. 

Update 2013:

The first batch of diploma students graduated on the 16th of April this year. Due to shortage of accommodation, no new intake of students in 2012.  Currently Year One are on their clinical attachment at the hospital.


Memorandum of Understanding has been signed with some leading health institutions and hospitals of the country for placement of students during their practical works attachment.


Selection Process is going on right now for the new intake for 2014.