About Us

Helena Goldie Hospital (HGH) is a 68-bedded second level care hospital situated in Munda, Western Province of Solomon Islands. The hospital was established in 1903 by  Methodist Missionaries, and is now owned by the United Church in Solomon Islands (UCSI). In agreement with the Western Provincial Health Services, HGH looks after 15 clinics within Zone 3 of Western Province,the area comprising of North New Georgia, Vona Vona Lagoon, Roviana Lagoon and Rendova Islands.  The estimated population within the area is over 26,000.


 HGH recently has qualified for Baby Friendly Hospital  status,  having passed the assessment by a team comprising of WHO/UNICEF and Ministry of Health officials.


Currently there are 2 doctors working in the hospital:

  • Dr. Graham Longbottom, Medical Superintendent
  • Dr. Jenny Longbottom


(Dr. Ramdinthara Sailo and Dr. Zochhuani Ralte already left, early this year.  They're now in India after 11 and half years of service at HGH.)


There are  over 60 employees in HGH including nurses, paramedics and supporting staff. 


HGH has basic laboratory with blood transfusion facility,   imaging services and a pharmacy.  Surgeries, including Caesarean section, appendicectomy, amputations and many gynae operations are performed in HGH but not this year (2014). currently there aren't any surgeon here. So we refer patients to Gizo Hospital for major or any opertion at all. 


HGH also run a College of Nursing (HGCON), with 16 intakes every year.


Medical students on electives are taken in throughout the year. Most of the students come from UK. The rest are from Australia and New Zealand.


Email: hgoldieh@solomon.com.sb